Nodevember Day 19-20 White; cobweb house-leek

Sempervivum arachnoideum, the cobweb house-leek.
one of my favourite sempervivum. I already had the base-plant, and focused on the white web-structure, which is not very low-poly. (there are three different ‘webs’, because i wanted it to be significantly thicker in the middle)
There might be more elegant solutions, but it kinda works with just wrapping huge curves around it. The Spirograph from the Erindale Toolkit came in very handy for this.
t didn’t took lon and i am quite happy with the outcome.
Not like my second attempt at this prompt: a turntable-animation of snowdrops, it should have gotten a little bit more time. It’s on my twitter, but i wouldn’t recommand.


Great, I like it

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