Nodevember Day 23-24 Small; Hypericum

For this prompt i made Hypericum calicynum, which has way too many names in english.
I like it, because of the huge ammount of stamens it has.
It is a technically a shrub. …for a shrub it’s relatively small.
Matching the color is the most tideous part for me. eyes are way too sensitive for green.
looks allways wrong to me, but it’s getting better.


Men are color blind to certain colors. I’ve noticed myself how certain colors, change! that means I’m color blind to it. Because it changes, I don’t know it’s true color.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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I heard of that, sounds challenging especially for working creatively. how does it workout for you?
What meant is, that green should be the color men normally see the biggest spectrum of, probably because of plants and the use in differentiating them. and in my case that definitely true. my cg-green does not look real enough for me. maybe i am just picky because i am a plant nerd. subsurface is definitely a little bit complicated though

Thanks a lot!