Nodevemder Day 03- Fruit

My entry for day 3 of Nodevemer Challenge. The strawberries are spheres wth vector displacement. The leaves are particles rendered as alpha masked plane objects


Everything done in Blender

#nodevember #nodevember2020


Absolutely ridiculous!

Hats off… Great looking strawberries.

Thank you!

The shapes are nice, but they look a bit too plastic. Too shiny and too perfect. Dirty them up a bit, add some texture to break up that perfectly glossy surface, and vary the color a bit more, add some greenish white in places. Also some subsurface scattering would help too.

Yes, you are right. The textures are not great because I wasn’t aiming for photorealism. The main of objective these challenges is practice and not perfection. Why practise something you already know, right? Say if I was doing for a client, I would add all sorts of things such as colour variation, surface imperfection, roughness detail, thickness maps for sss etc. My aim for this challenge is to understand vector displacement as I have not played with it.

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