Noise appear when use - Normal texture?

(aghandwork) #1


When I add NORMAL - appear some noise (noise of bump) around. Pic of texture is free of noise and other colors.

When I am plug in just DiffuseColor - everething is Ok…

Can you help me? What I am doing wrong!?

(qomolangma888) #2

you can try to decrease scale and distance values in Normal Map Node, i suggest scale value = 0.1 if you find noise points.

(Secrop) #3

Is it really? please post your original normal texture here for inspection (your screenshot is adulterated and isn’t usefull to us)

(aghandwork) #4

Thank you! Yes on 0.4 Normal Map Node is unseen that noise … But In this case I am losing much effect of - bump :disappointed_relieved: .

(aghandwork) #5

Thank you for your attention to my question!

(aghandwork) #6

Yes! I was checked it! Master channel so as Red, Green, Blue are free of other pixels

(Secrop) #7

First: Never use JPEGs, specially for bump/normal maps!!!
Second: Never use JPEGs!!!

Third: Your texture has lots of pixels that aren’t really black. Those are the culprits of your error…
take a look:

(pixelgrip) #8

you can use a greater than math node,to mask out the imperfections,and use less bump strength/distance.1 is way too much i would say.

(aghandwork) #9

Thank you a lot!!!

(Secrop) #10

@pixelgrip is quite right in a short solution for this… I’d prefer to fix the texture.
As almost pixels I probed had a max value of \x01, which if you clamp the minimum to 0.004, will filter those small inconsistencies.

(aghandwork) #11

@ Secrop @ pixelgrip

Guys today you bring a big bag of knowledges to my mind about Blender. Sure that the best way is make good and right texture. But in case when it unpossible to fix it - Math nod, it is too not bad solution… Hope that all your answers and ways of resolving problem will be usefull to other members of our comunity too!..My problem was solved! And it was solved because of (and thanks to ) all of yours advice!