noise/flickering after render (noob)

If there is already a thread for this I apologize, I could not find it. I am very new to blender and am having some issues. I am created a 3d water well and noticed when I export that there is flickering noise, I think along the detailed shadow of the stones. I uploaded a rough sample -

There is some large flickering at the bottom, thats not what I mean, I just mean the faint noise flickering on the stones, you will prob have to watch in HD to see what I am talking about. any help at all is appreciated. The problem I think lays with the materials, not the mesh. Thanks

YouTube isn’t working well ever since adobe flash player updated this morning, so I am just guessing… Did you combine a shadeless alpha texture with ambient occlusion? I have noticed that can cause flickering.

I guess it has something to do with your rendering options, because the flicker is only at the bottom, otherwise it would’ve been all over your mesh.

Perhaps render frame by frame and than use the sequencer to combine?