Noise Texture Moving During Animation

I was working on an animation this week and when I rendered it in Cycles it seems that the noise texture for the sweater fluff is not staying connected to the object that is moving. Its like its stuck in world space and not actually following the object… which is obviously unacceptable.

I have tried changing the texture coordinate from generated to object to uv map… I’ve exhausted all of the options I know about including baking. I actually don’t remember ever having this problem with this rig, but then again I also haven’t really animated anything significant with it yet to have actually rendered it and discovered this problem. I know it moves in both the viewport and in the render. Not sure how to fix it. Any help would be appreciated. I’m currently using Blender 3.2.1

Kaylee J

Really? Cos using UVs should fix it… :thinking:


… are you maybe using a muted UV map?

Good luck.

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Ya, I thought of that too but unfortunately that did not fix it. In fact when I use UVs for the texture on the volume object its like the texture disappears and no amount of tweaking the noise texture or color ramp would bring it back.
Its a very bizarre problem. When I made this rig I was in the older versions of 3.0… I think 3.1. When I start to have problems is when I version hop which is what I did the weekend before last. Which is funny because I never had problems with version hopping until the 3.0 versions. Every time I move to a new 3.0 version its like something changed and its not as stable. Something inevitably breaks.

Sorry, didn’t realize you were using a volume shader - You’re correct that UV doesn’t work on that. Volume shaders don’t play nicely with armatures (even worse with Eevee).

I don’t know why it used to work for you or what has changed - maybe someone else can answer that…

For now you may have to use a surface/displacement shader combo:

…just remember to set the displacement type to “Displacement and Bump”. (Also used subdivision modifier with lots of subdivisions to get the noise to not be jagged)

Good luck.

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