Noise / wiggle controller?

This will probably sound like a total newbie question, but every search I’ve made about noise in blender turns up page after page about textures.

Is there anything like a noise controller in blender?
I use this in 3DS MAX all the time when I need to add random motion to my animation (e.g. camera shake).

I know that for most applications it can be done the slow way, frame by frame, but I have a current project I’m attempting for which that approach is far too slow.

I have a vague recollection of a python script to introduce wobble to a given IPO.

I’m not certain though - It’s a distant memory and it may correspond to my old Cinema 4D days!

Oh oh - Just remembered, I think you can record camera movements live and so you can introduce camera shake in fairly much real time.

Try this reference in the wiki.

For this particular application it’s not camera shake that I’m after.
I really need a random noise generator.

(wish i was a coder wish i was a coder wish i was a coder)

BTW, I tried the record mouse movements thing and it crashed blender for me. :rolleyes:

Found it!

Camera Jitter script

e.g. means ‘for example’. A script design to solely shake cameras won’t work with animation, where it’d be needed to add extra life and subtle variations to an animation that would be time-consuming and nearly impossible to key in with any sort of control over the major animation. Like someone standing still. The head is always moving ever so slightly, because the muscles are rapidly twitching and shifting under the tension.

Did you try the script? It adds jitter to al already existing smooth camera IPO. Just gave it a whirl and it does a good job! Play with the settings with a test file until you’re happy with them though!

Just found a mitsake! - You need to go to the Scriptlinks buttons and change the scriptlink for from “Redraw” to “Frame Changed” otherwise the jitter won’t flow to the render.

It looks like it leverages the Noise texture maths to create a pseudo-random offset on position and / or rotation on each frame redraw (or change of frame once the above is changed!)

Really?? All I got from that site was horrible, HORRIBLE flashing ads and pop ups. It looks like the link has been hijacked. Does anyone have a working link to a working script that does camera shake? Thanks.

Did you look at the date on that post? it was almost 11 months ago!

Hang on…

(Edit) Here you go - Camera Jitter Script

I still had it in my “Ohh that’s useful” archives.

Oops. Thanks chief, I appreciate it.