Noisy 32bit Normal Bake

So I am in the process of baking out normal maps for an asset, this is my LP mesh: LP Mesh

And this is my HP mesh: HP Mesh

And here’s my bake settings:

Bake Settings

In all the normal maps I have ever baked, I have used the process outlined in this CGCookie tutorial:

However, a client has just pointed out to me that there is low-quality noise all over the normal map. I think this might be due to the process outlined in PS to convert the 32bit texture to an 8bit file format, and here’s why I believe that to be the case.

Normal Bake Comparison

You can see that when I directly save the baked normal map from Blender to a .TGA it has big artefacts on it, something that PS seems to resolve when converting the file from a 32bit .EXR to an 8bit .TGA, though with the trade-off of having the noise appear on the normal map.

Here’s a closer look at the noise that appears on the normal map:

Normal Map Noise

Any means of resolving this would be greatly appreciated, and if more details on my baking process are required, please ask me to provide further information so that I may aid you in helping me resolve this problem.

I have posted the exact same question over on Stack Exchange I am merely asking it here as well, as getting a solution to this as soon as possible will enable to continue working on this project for my client.


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