noisy animations

Hi all:

Dont know exacly where to post this. I am making animations and I have observed that textures with high normal values work in a very strange way. They seem to shiver!! Well, the thing is that it seems that anytime you render a frame the noise value in textures change making a different texture pattern. Is that way? This can be just part of the answer because the same thing happens with normals with image textures.

How can I avoid this???

Thanks in advance

That does sound like a bit of a bug. Chances are it’s going to be simple float-precision issues again, but then again I hardly do much rendering stuff.

Dont thing it is really a bug and doesnt seem to be connected with the quality of the output video either (I checked this yesterday).

In PovRay when you use arealights there is a command call jitter. To produce realistic results, Pov changes the position of punctual lights (the area light is made of lots of punctual lights. And it changes its position randomly. If you do an animation you have to set jitter to zero because in each frame lights position will be slightly different.

The effects is very similar to what I see in blender!!! So dont think it is a bug, seems more like something connected with light position (probably this is the same answer as yours, float precision).