Noisy smoke and fire effect problem

Hi all!

I was trying to use new smoke simulator of blender and I have a problem that I cannot solve. That is why I am here :slight_smile: .

when I set all the stuffs to take a fire render, it is obviously there is problem about fire, it has noisies…

here is my render:

and I download a .blend file from a guy called as MiikaH, and I see that his fire looks pretty good. here is a render that I took from his .blend file ( MiikaH is link:…—blend-files )

by the way, do you know what is the nerve-wracking thing? even this 3D view fire simulation look more realistic than mine!!!

even I can forget everything, is there anyway to take this 3D view simulation into the render? :smiley:

thanks advance and I hope i was clear to explain my problem.

in the domain object’s material settings, look for the integration panel, and make the step size value smaller.

good luck!

it worked perfectly!!! thanks so very very very veryve ryeveryv every very very much! with problem solvers like you I don’t need luck hehe :smiley: !!!

I made the step size 0.005 and here is the result, at least, the noises are not there :slight_smile: