Nom nom...

Finished~ Just a simple character portrait…Food is love…food is life…
Thank you to all who helped me out~ :slight_smile:

Higher res here:

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Non nom indeed. I like it. Not as sure about the eyes though. A bit overwhelming for my taste. I know they are meant to be oversized but maybe too much for me. Overall I like it though.

Without the glasses they do look overly large, but the glasses tame them I think, perhaps because I think of Coke-bottle lenses and how they can magnify the eyes. “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!” :wink: Superb lighting and materials quality as well as an appealing concept. Crumby, but in a good way.

I see your point about the glasses. It was indeed the second picture where I was more struck by that issue. I still like both pictures all said and done.

Haha :slight_smile: Thank you, Bunc and Chipmasque!

Well you know I like it a lot, but is good to said again! you really are an artist! And my big daughter is in love with your last to characters!

Thank you, Tonatiuh! That’s really inspiring to hear :)!

Shoujo eyes i love it :slight_smile:

Thanks, nureintier! :smiley:

Very very very cool!

Thank you, Pavel-Hardcore~

Hey I recognize that bread! hehe

Lovely character. Well done :slight_smile:

REally cool.
I think I prefer the one without eye glasses

Thank you~

Haha, yes :smiley: I watched your tutorials~ They’re really brilliant!

Adorable work. I like it!


Thanks karab~ :slight_smile:

Disney finish … in love already … keep it up

Thanks Abdullah :slight_smile: