Non Blender Related Question

(snailrose) #1

Okay I’ve only had a computer for about a year now, before that I didn’t even know how shut one down :x so don’t laugh at this stupid question…
Ive heard that rendering fragments files bad, is that true? If so how often should you defragment?


(Alltaken) #2

ok waht operating system.

if it is win XP then it tells you if you should defragment. (i guess you know how to do that if not just right-click on the harddrive icon and go to tools or somthing like that then do a harddrive map(or somthing like that) then this will tell you as a percentage how bad it is and then say if that is enough to warrent a defrag)

if it is another operating system i just do it whenever i want (depending on use) every two weeks or so. it is very subjective as to how much you do it.

have fun.

(snailrose) #3

Thanks for clearing that up for me
My operating system is ME