Non-Destructive workflow on Blender

(Pitiwazou) #1

Hi Guys,

I made a tutorial for a 100% Non-Destructive Workflow on Blender that allows you to create different versions of an asset and use them for games (Low/High), Subdivisions or even, use it with bevel shader or Remesh it with Blender or Openvdb addon.

I hope you will like it :wink:

(3DKiwi) #2

Purchased. I’m lost. At 2min 21 sec you added / imported a screw from a library. What additional addons etc do I need to get this screw? Is this part of Speedflow? I know you’re using the Asset Management addon but you don’t list this as addons used.

I’m running a fairly standard Blender 2.79

(Pitiwazou) #3

I added a new video on how to create 100% fully editable custom primitives to the tutorial!
And a scene whit those primitives :wink:

That should help you on this matter @3DKiwi :wink:

(3DKiwi) #4

Excellent. Thanks.

(Pitiwazou) #5

Hey guys,

I made a new tutorial to make a 100% fully editable asset in Blender using Speedflow.

You will see some nice workflows to make such assets.

( #6

Can you post some wireframes?

Need to get an idea of how clean the models are before purchasing the tutorial.

(Pitiwazou) #7

I’ll post some when I comeback home.
The wire for this kind of modeling isn’t finish since it’s booleans.
The workflow is to keep everything editable until it’s validated.
You can also use the result as it is like on my render if you want.

(Pitiwazou) #8

Ok, so this is the wire you get.

As you can see, even if it’s full booleans, it’s pretty clean.
I keep it like that to edit it, and once I’m ok, I clean it.

  • If it’s for game, I reduce the number of segments and triangulate ngons
  • If it’s for backing, I keep it like that
  • If it’s for subsurf, I reduce the number of segments and finalise the mesh.

So, this workflow allows people to do whatever they want.

( #9

Guess i;m buying it :slight_smile:

Is it compatible with Hardops and Meshmachine?

(Pitiwazou) #10

Hum, not sure, I’m using speedflow because it support Screw, displace, booleans modifiers, different types of Bevels (Weight, Angle, Vgroups).
If you use hardops, you will have to do most of the actions yourself in blender and the addon will not help you.

It’s a workflow for full non-destructive with modifiers, so meshmachine can be used at the end to add some details.

(Peetie) #11

Those are different tools and compatible is a bit strange word in that context. Its like you are asking if texture-paint is compatible with physics. (well sort of). Many workflows are possible and some maybe not, but then there will be a workaround for it.

Actually, with this worklow you can make meshes (see last screenshot) with all quads. That is good for MESHmachine. A workflow could be: Make mesh with speedflow like shown here and once finished edit them with MESHmachine.

(Pitiwazou) #12

Different workflows and workaround are possible, but, on this tutoriaI I use modifiers, so, not sure it will help with those other workflow.

(Pitiwazou) #13

Hey guys, since some of you were interested in this Non-Destructive tutorial on the Razer Seiren X, I made an English version on blender 2.8.
You will have the modeling tutorial, Eevee tutorial, the scenes, and the references. I hope you will like this tutorial :wink: