Non-Destructive workflow on Blender

(Pitiwazou) #1

Hi Guys,

I made a tutorial for a 100% Non-Destructive Workflow on Blender that allows you to create different versions of an asset and use them for games (Low/High), Subdivisions or even, use it with bevel shader or Remesh it with Blender or Openvdb addon.

I hope you will like it :wink:

(3DKiwi) #2

Purchased. I’m lost. At 2min 21 sec you added / imported a screw from a library. What additional addons etc do I need to get this screw? Is this part of Speedflow? I know you’re using the Asset Management addon but you don’t list this as addons used.

I’m running a fairly standard Blender 2.79

(Pitiwazou) #3

I added a new video on how to create 100% fully editable custom primitives to the tutorial!
And a scene whit those primitives :wink:

That should help you on this matter @3DKiwi :wink:

(3DKiwi) #4

Excellent. Thanks.