Non square UV grid?

Is there a way to make the grid/square in the UV editor window rectangular instead of square? Putting an image in does stretch it, but the unwrap still acts like it’s square, distorting the map.


someone else just said this morning on another post that when you unwrap, you disable or enable Stretch to Bounds and that makes it try to use the maximum image space. Use the smart projections unwrap.


could you show a screenshot of the distorted map (3D window / UV editor)?
I’ve been using non-square image textures without problems. UV coordinates are meant to be relative to image dimensions, so the UV-layout snaps to whatever image size you use it for.


Here ya go. Hopefully the octagon shows how distorted it is. Obviously I could scale everything back out (d’oh…see below) but I was just wondering if there was a way to get the unwrapper to realize it wasn’t a square map to begin with.

And the d’oh - since it’s powers of two, and I’m just using a 1:2 map…I just scale the stuff back out on the x axis by 2 and it pops right back to perfect. :slight_smile: