non-windows examples?

hi all,

i don’t know how many of us this affects, but i run either osx or linux and am often really interested in seeing everyones work in the game engine. problem is that a lot of the time things are only made available as exe files.

just thought i’d bring it up in case anyone in the future might decide to make a blend available instead (i guess apps is asking a but much!), but i guess it’s not possible to lock blend file anymore for those who are concerned about that. i guess python may sometimes be an issue too.

oh well, just thought i’d mention it.


in 2.25 [at least] you can open the executable files like .blend files [well, if you ignore the error]

this usually works, even in linux

I’m curious of the blenderplayer can do the same things

[2.25 for osx didn’t have a blenderplayer did it?]

[I’d have to agree that exe files are annoying]

I have heard it said that if you do this to blenders .exe games you can run them on linux/MacOSX… all you need is the right blenderplayer:

[woot] $ blenderplayer game.exe

and similarly for Mac


no luck with either of those techniques on osx with version 2.35 or 2.25

don’t have a linux box running at the moment but will again soon and will try it then