None of my keyframes are getting saved...

None of my keyframes are getting saved… what can I do?

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what method are you using, Autokey or I?

the “I” method :frowning:

you need to create two keyframes for each bit of motion, for example, one Loc keyframe at the start of a movement, then at the end of the movement add another Loc Keyframe to lock it in.

I applied the Loc on it…but when I go back to it, it isn’t how it was Locked as… :frowning:

Also, is there a way to get rid of keyframes?

At the top of your window you’ll see a drop down list that says SCR:2 - Model. Click on the left arrows of this drop down list and select Animation. A window pops up on the right side. Move the cursor over this new window and then press your “Home” key. If you already have some keyframes on the selected object you should see the keyframes as lines and dots.

To edit these keyframes select a line and press tab, then you can edit the keyframes like bezier curves.

ah, ok, it’s working :). is there a way to keyframe the whole scene, instead of each individual part?