NOOB Camera issues

I’m trying to use what’s in my viewport as my camera view.

If I alt+ctrl+0 it goes into camera mode but removes part of my model, the camera is still selected. image 1

If I create a new or select an existing camera in user view and select view I get dropped in the middle of my model and can only zoom further in,not out. image 2

If I switch to camera view and try to move it like the viewport it switches back to viewport view the moment I adjust the scene. image 3

Is this normal behavior? How do I use what I see in my viewport as the camera. Can I navigate in the camera view and position the scene like I can with the user viewports? If not am I the only one who would want such a feature at this point?

I’m using Blender 2.6.5 on Intel Mac 8GB OS 10.6.8


First you need to set the camera object as the active camera. Notice the triangle on the camera object, it is not solid, indicating it is not active. Most likely you have set the object in your scene as the active camera. Note that you set any object to be a camera, not just camera objects

Select the camera object and select the “View / Cameras / Set Active Object as Camera” menu entry
To align the camera view to the current 3d view use the “View / Align View / Align Active Camera to View” menu entry
Both these two menu entrys also show the shortcut for each.
Then press Numpad 0 to look through the camera

To navigate while looking through the camera like you do in the 3d view enable the “Lock Camera to View” tickbox in the Properties (shortcut N) / View panel

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