Noob Can't Paste/Copy Text


Sorry to pollute the board with such a stupid question.

How do you paste text into a text editor view?

I’m using Blender 2.37a (Windows XP) and when I change a view to type “Text Editor”. I’ve copied text from my web browser and can paste it easily (Cnt-V) into Notepad. But for some reason Blender won’t accept it. I can edit text, open new files, etc…, but when I press Cnt-V nothing happens. If I use the menu option (Edit->Paste) nothing happens.

Like wise if I try to copy text from the Text Editor view it does not seem to work.

Honestly I am quite adapt at navigating my computer, and I know how to copy/paste text. Not sure why it won’t work in Blender.



It appears that I can do a copy/paste within Blender, and if I copy and then paste, then that copied text will be available outside of Blender.

Still have not found success in copying text into Blender from the outside…

:frowning: - This appears to be a bug. What are the procedures for filing this type of bug report?