NOOB ? of the day: why won't this texture get rendered


I’ve got the 2.61 release of blender, 64-bit, mac os-x.

See attached file.

  1. I deleted the cube, created a UV sphere.
  2. Smoothed it, subsurfed it, increased the rings, etc.
  3. Made sure vertices were all selected (and faces in face mode).
  4. Created a new material.
  5. Changed the specular/hardness ratings to max, changed the specular color to a light yellow (I’m making a gold sphere).
  6. Added a texture.
  7. Made of type Blend (it doesn’t really matter).
  8. Under Ramp, deleted all the bands and essentially set it to a solid goldish-colored yellow.

Far as I can tell, the material and texture are applied (the specular highlight shows up in the editor), BUT, the texture does not show up in the editor window. The texture/material preview reflects the changes.

The texture will not render, but the material does.

What did I miss??? I’ve searched/googled for answers for over an hour to no avail (checked the man pages too).


Peace, Love, and Light!!!


goldsphere.blend (517 KB)

BUT, the texture does not show up in the editor window.
Only image textures show in the 3d view window, not procedural textures. The ramp settings make your texture is a solid yellow so I don’t see the point of it

Yeah, you could just use the diffuse setting in the material, since you’re just using the ramp to make a solid color, also you don’t need to have your subdivision modifier so high, for this object a render setting of 1 worked just fine and is not a strain on your system. A render setting of 6 is just overkill.


I didn’t think to look under “diffuse” as that word, at least to me, means “to spread out” as opposed to “color.” Doh! Thanks for that pointer.

As to the texture, I understood it wouldn’t show in the 3D viewport, but, it doesn’t show in the render window either (e.g., clicked render button to render the scene).

Does one need to render to a file to get a texture to show?