Noob problem need help

I just started learning blender and started working my way through the tutorials. I got to the logo tutorial and I am not able to load the background bmp file. My screen for loading the bg image looks different than the tutorial. It doesn’t say textures or images, and when I click load and select the image and hit SELECT or hit enter, nothing happens. I made sure that blend is set to 0.0 and just in case I tried 1, even though that is supposed to be transparent. NOTHING. Did I accidentally change a setting? or is my version different and I found a bug??? I have version 2.44

Any help would be great!

You might want to get Blender 2.45 … since that is the latest available, I can’t see why you can’t use the latest … .:slight_smile:
To load a background image, I go to (Within a 3D view):
View -> Background Image
A dialog appears titled “Background Image”. In there is a button called “Load”. I click this and a file selection dialog appears. Find the file you want and press “Select Image” within the dialog. This will load the image into Blender … but it won’t necessarily display it. When you pressed the “Load” button … it did just that … it loaded it into blender. To the left of the “Load” button is a popup selection button. Click on this and select the image you just loaded. You can actually load multiple images and quickly toggle between them. Please post back to say if this works or not for you.

I don’t think Blender works with bmp files. In the file browser window, there should be a little blue square next to the acceptable files, although Blender will show all files.

You can convert your bmp file using the Gimp, IrfanView or Photoshop, and probably many other 2d paint programs as well. Load the bmp file, then do a “save as” and change the file type. This will usually convert the saved file to a different format.