Noob project - Sign Post


so yeah hmmm since I’m pretty new at this I figured Id start with something pretty basic. The metal textures need a lot of work but I have no idea how to make them better.

I’ll probably add some more stuff around the sign afterwards but, I’ll start by fixing whats there for now.

Comments? Help? :slight_smile:


looking good for now. Maybe you should correct the color of the grass and make it more dense. And don’t forget: some Ambient Occlusion would be nice.:slight_smile: Good job, though.

Ok, so heres what I did :

Amount : 50 000 -> 80 000
Fixed grass color
Added dirt texture (and tiled, although it didn’t affect the result much)
Enabled Ambient Occlusion

Looks like you could stand to make that shadow a little less black. Right now it is making all the grass behind it disappear. You might be able to bump up ambient occlusion and that might take care of it, Good luck!

Well to be honest, I’ve never turned on AO before so I have no idea what settings to change. Here are the ones I used so far (i think theyre the defaults)

Oh and I also fixed the post’s height, for some reason I accidently dragged it down and it was half as high as it should have been so now the render looks better but I’ll wait till AO is fixed to post another render.

Wow that is pretty good for just a noob. (Lol, I am noob to and not even there yet).

Nice work! Keep it up.

Well you see as much as I,ve tried a bunch of things in blender, I never actually completed a project and theres plenty of things I have no idea how to use or that they exist so, I consider myself a noob.

Increase samples for a longer render time but clearer render.

Use Raymirror to create a shiny metal (it will reflect the surroundings) or try UV mapping a texture to it. Up to you.

Also the shadow looks bad, try having a low-power lamp emitting from behind the post to illuminate the shadow a bit better. I think there’s a no shadow option, use it if the shadow produced in front is too dark.
Hope that helps.

Hey, man. That’s a cool, original idea. I like it.

I agree with the shadow comment. Either change your lighting or the way your shadow interacts with the grass, cause it just takes up too much of the image.

For the metal material, you might give it some “scratches in the yellow paint,” letting a silver “metal” texture show through behind it. This would give it a “worn” look.

Looking good though. I really like this image.

Guitar87, I agree with your sig, but I’m not yelling.

Borgleader, experiment with this tutorial. Also, try making the ground green, not just the particles, so it looks like the grass covers more area. I also agree with Guitar87, work on the textures of the yellow sign, currently it’s very unrealistic. Use his technigue, add scratches, maybe use UV Mapping.

Finally, I apologise to DudeBot13 for pointing out the exact same thing he did and not even noticing he said it before I did.

looks nice…just one thing: it’s your choice, but in my opinion, the sign is too monotone, it loos like it was pasted on to the image…I’d either

1.add details to it, like screws, bending back the edges, that kind of thing,
2. have it reflect the grass and maybe sky.

@Nitronic755 : Thats the exact tutorial I used, if I turn on the mesh thing it just makes the plane go green and I cant see the ground anymore… (well if the ground and grass plane are at the exact same height it makes lines and creates geometry anomalies, if i put it a bit higher than the ground it just goes green and hides it).
@Bone: I was planning on doing that actually I just have to find how to make it look nice.
@Guitar87: Aye, thanks for the suggestion. I didn’t find a way to add scratches so I recycled a car paint texture I grabbed somewhere (well the flecks in the texture anyway).

Well after much tweaking, here is what I got :

I still have to work on the flecks they don’t react the way I want them to, and I still have to add screws and bend the plane a bit, but I have class soon so I’ll work on that later. I might also make the background light a bit stronger too not sure (I added a light to keep the shadow from hiding the grass too much).

nice!! How do you get the grass so clean, and not white at the top?

Follow the tutorial Nitronic755 linked up there, and well I cant help you much more than giving you the grass color I used.
R: 0.150
G: 0.275
B: 0.050

thanks, i’ve done those tuts before, i guess its just the lighting that makes it weird.

btw, what texture did you use in the pole?

The flecks from a car texture I found somewhere on the forums, and the image I made in gimp. thats it.

haha thats really good. good job

Yup. Definitely better. Looking a lot better now. But imo you should use a sun instead of a lamp. it’ll look more realistic, since the shadows projected from the sun don’t expand like that.

The shadows still look too dark and it’s a bit weird that the pole’s shadow is diffuse but the sign’s shadow is so dark and sharp.

Nice effect on the grass thinning out near the viewer, it adds a little extra something.
You might want to dirty and deshine the pole a bit, it looks too polished for something that’s exposed to the elements in a field.