noob Q: how to attach another meshes to mesh rigged

Hi folks!

My 1st Noob Question:

I made human and rigged him but I have also eyes, teeth, hair, necklace, skirts etc, how to make THEM also deforming via rigged bones?

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You can parent the separate objects to the rig just like you did the body mesh.

The complicated (but clean) way to do it

-add an armature modifier to each of the objects, make sure to select your rig on it and if it’s below a sub surf mod in the stack make sure its at the top.

-create a vertex group with the same name of the bone that will be deforming/moving that body part

-go into edit mode on the new body parts select the vertices that you want to be influenced by that bone and assign them to that group

Edit:doh! I really should prof read my post more. Clarified some things…

How I would do it…

Eyes - create a bone with the tail in the center of the eye mesh, tip of the bone at the pupil. Make the eye meshes children of the eye bones, eye bones children of head control bone.

The teeth and the hair I would make that part of the main human mesh. I would weight paint those to the bones that control them. Upper teeth would be weighted to head bone, lower teeth to jaw/mouth control bone.

Clothing you can do the same thing, but sometimes your character mesh will pass thru the clothing. Simple fix for that is the mask modifier, It allows you to hide part of the mesh without destroying it.

For the necklace, I would join it to the main mesh and weight the part around the back to the neck to the neck bone, then add in some sort of a set of bones for the rest of it, so it can swing and move around. Dunno how I would do this as I have never rigged a necklace…

If you can’t join all the meshes together, then add armature modifiers to them as Arkinum suggests. Rather than create vertex groups for the meshes, use weight painting, much finer control of deforming mesh.


Thank you guys, fast and accurate! One liitle problem left: when I move vertices, particles (hair and eyebrowes) are not moving. Here, take a look.

Armature modifier is first, at top of the list but it’s not working. I bet it’s sth simple but I don’t know what it could be.

Big apologise, I was thinking, thinking and I found that armateur modifiers wasn’t on top and I don;t know why cause I thought they were! It DOES work, thank you very much for help one more time!

Would really need to see the file. If you can’t attach the file to a post here (because of your low post count) use and post the link.

I see the particle emitters are moving, so that much is working… Has the particle system been baked/cached? That would cause this, but I’m not too experienced with the particle system.