Noob question, applying a material all parts of an object imported as .obj?

(TheNCGoalie) #1

Long story short, I’m animating something designed in AutoCAD. I found a plugin that exports .OBJ from AutoCAD drawings, which has been a huge help. When I import in to Blender, each object seems to have the option to set a different material for each individual “part” of the .OBJ. This is actually pretty helpful for me, but some come in with 60+ “parts” to apply a material too. Is it possible to set all of them to one material simultaneously? It’s going to be time consuming otherwise…

I’ve attached a screenshot for reference.

(sirmaxim) #2

Materials are assigned to faces. In edit mode, select all faces, select material and press the assign button. You can then remove all the unused materials. Or simply remove all the materials, add a new one and assign it to all faces which would probably be easier.

(TheNCGoalie) #3

Thank you! I will give this a shot tonight.

(TheNCGoalie) #4

I’m finding some weird behavior where I apply a material to a single face, but it gets applied to the entire object. Is there some way that faces get linked together, and can they become unlinked?