Noob Question: Can't find Modify Panel Blender 2.68


I’m following a tutorial where I have to add a mirror modifier.

I have googled myself silly, but cannot find the “Modify Panel” anywhere.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank You :slight_smile:


From you question it sounds like you are using a current version of blender but using a tutorial written for a very old version. If that is the case stop wasting your time and delete it. There are masses of tutorials written for the current blender, use them

The modifiers can be added from the properties window

Ah ha! Thank you so much.

Yeah it was written in Nov. 2011 in Ver. 2.49 and so far everything has matched up pretty closely and changes have been easy to find, but I’ve never used a modifier and could not find it to save my life :smiley:

Thanks again