Noob Question: Do I need to learn phyton script to be able to make games in blender?

I am planning to study game making using blender.
So do I need to learn phyton script to be able to make an RPG using blender?
I want to focus on game making, well if I need, where can I get resources, books and tutorials so I can learn to use it.

Yes you do need to know python for any game in blender, as far as resources - look online. Now I wan’t to warn you of 2 things…1) most people that start by trying to make a game in blender end up giving up and just becoming artists, and 2) blender is not very good for games…I suggest you wait for project apricot (blog) to be done and learn to use the crystal space (i think thats the name) for the coding.


look under game suport. you can use logic bricks instead of python, and the game engin is improving. start simple, then go for mare advanced projects as your skill increases. but learning python would help.

Thank you guy’s. We’ll the internet is really a good source of things. Gonna try the tut from blenderart and see if I learn the basics. But still i’m gonna need to start searching the net for phyton tut online.

if you download pythong do the full install. it’s has a decent tut in the documentation folder, and links to even more. if you know any languages you should pick up python quickly.
if you are brandnew to any type of programming
if you have programming experience in a different langage