Noob question: model for rigging

Hi guys, I need an advice for modeling , because there’s something I still don’t know.
A proper model for rigging is a single mesh? I mean: clothes, equipment and stuff have to be in the same mesh of the main character, or they have to be separated?
This is bugging me since my last work: i tend to kit bash my characters, and then I can’t rig them properly because the various part start deforming in crazy way, so I ended up thinking the only way is to have a single mesh.
Any insight?

My advice is to make the character all one mesh, body, clothes, etc. You can then make ancillaries, like guns, spanners, etc. as separate meshes, particularly if you don’t want all the modifiers that don’t take vertex groups, to be applied to these as well. Then you can make the equipment a Child Of (use the Child Of constraint) a bone or multiple bones, in the character’s armature. The advantage of Child Of is that you can vary the influence of the constraints, so you can pass ab object from one hand to the other by using two Child Of constraints.

The most important thing though to avoid distortions is to make sure you have no unapplied rotations or scales on either the meshes or armatures.

Cheers, Clock.

Thank you, I’ll try in these days, much appreciated!