Noob question regarding duplicating

Hey everyone. I’m still pretty new to Blender, but I’ve used 3DS Max and Maya before.

My question is, how can I duplicate an object without any links to the original? I used Shift-D to make a shallow link, but the keyframes are still linked which is causing problems. Is there any way to unlink them or create a copy with no links?


yes, all the “data” will be “linked”…so, don’t forget to press the little
number button near the name ( in IPO, Action and other windows) to
make the “data”, “single-user”!
Then you can modify, or erase it.

Drag the top header (The info window) down to show the actual window. In Edit Methods, over on the right, there are a bunch of things that can be duplicated along with the object, or not, if you so choose. IPOs are one of the things you can either duplicate or not duplicate.

do File>>New, make your changes, then use File>>Save Default Settings (Hotkey Ctrl+u) to make Blender open with the changes already in place.

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Okay, but IPO is deselected, unless it should be selected?

I’ll try to play around with it.

It should be selected.

I tried with it selected, and I still have the same problem. It duplicates fine, but as soon as I make a new key frame for the new object, the original disappears.

Nevermind that last post, I just figured it out. Not sure why it didn’t work before, but now it seems to be working.

Thanks for the help!

As I understand it, the preference to copy or not works as follows:

If you have copy on for ipo (or material or whatever), when you duplicate, the ipo will be duplicated also. This means a new ipo that is a copy of the original.

If you have copy off, then the ipo will not be copied, but the copied object will still be using the original ipo.

More than 1 object can use the same ipo just as more than 1 object can use the same material.

Best of Luck!