Noob Questions 2.0: Regarding Manual

I found this in the manual via Blender’s site:

“”""""""“This means each object’s normals should point outward. A good way to see the object’s normals is to turn on the visibility of normals using the Mesh Tool 1 panel; the panel is accessible from the Buttons window, using F9 and clicking Draw normals. The normals are only visible while in Edit mode. (Visible normals) is an example of a cube with its normals visible. “””"""""

I couldn’t find the show normal button. Any ideas?


ALSO, from this link… still talking about the manual:

The section called “Skinning and Cloning Objects” refers to the Links and Pipeline palette found under the Shading/Materials. Beyond the whole paragraph, which makes no sense to me, I’m stuck particularly on the buttons called “ME” and “OB” when I click either of them it takes me to a new blank window, a little confused.

in current version ( 2.49a) the “normals” button is in the “Mesh Tools More” panel, and its called “Draw Normals”.

No, you’re using the “Materials” buttons window, this is for Materials operations, not for cloning!
Use the “Editing” one instead ( F9)
Do a “Duplicate copy”, Shift-D, and a “Linked copy”, Alt-D, of the cube, and you’ll see/understand the ME:/OB: concept.


“Links and Pipeline” and “Links and Materials” area bit confusing in terms of functionality, but it’s a little more clear now. The ME and OB makes sense when I Alt+D’d. So OB takes me to the object before the properties were inherited (ME).

It’d make more sense if the Node Editor would just show the object/material you select. Although, seemingly, you have to hit the Node button to see it in that fashion. Still learning about that.

In regards to Normals, if I find an object with backwards normals, can I select the face and flip the normal?