noob questions

Well here goes :expressionless:

  1. Hey i just wanted to know how to smoothen an object. Like when i add a Uv sphere and when i render it i can see squares on the sphere. How do i remove them?

  2. Lets say i have a circle with 32 vertices. If i have selected 10 vertices and i want to make them protrude out of the circle, to give the circle a bumbpy effect how to i do that? I know how to do that but i can only do it 1 vertex at a time.

Errr thats all i can remember for now, i have more questions , i hope youll help me out when i can remember them

  1. out of edit mode push the button set smooth in the edit mesh buttons.(or how do you call it)

2)don’t know for sure what you’re trying to achieve but select the vertices and push (S ) scale .

hope this helps.


  1. Already answered

  2. Either the answer you got, or via the ‘Extrude’ command - EKEY

I’d like nevertheless to stress the existence of a Blender Online manual, which can also be downloaded, both in HTML and PDF, located bottom right in elYsiun homepage…


Bumpy? Well, you could do this a couple of ways:

[>] First I would suggest using Blender’s NOR (Bump) map feature by applying a stucco texture to the sphere.

[>] Second, you could try randomizing the vertices…I am at work so I cannot call up Blender to tell you exactly how to do it but if I recall it is located in the “Edit Buttons” (F9) or the “Specials” menu (W) of Blender. It basically takes the vertices and messes them up a little. Use this in conjunction with the EXTRUDE (E) feature and you are in there buddy.

Hope this helps. Let me know.


hey landis…

I think you got it all wrong, the correct answer is already answered, sorry dude/friend :wink: not meaning to be awfull or something, it just seems he forgot to push “set smooth” button…in edit buttons (F9) :wink: can happen to every n00b out there :smiley:


LOL…no no no…both of my answers are for the second question (the “bumpy” one) that he asked…I knew that the first one was already asnwered so I gave him a couple of options for the second one.