Noob questions! :(

Hey guys, any help with this would be great so I can finally do a finishing render on my animation.

  1. How do I change the backround color from the default blue?

  2. I have a softbody curtain dropping onto a box,but when it comes into contact with the box,the edges of the box come through the curtain as thought the dampening was not on full.Do I just keep subdividing or is there another method?

  3. Is there some sort of library for textures and stuff??

Thanks a lot! I’m loving Blender so far!!

The background color is set in the World Buttons panel (click on the Material buttons, then the world button – small round blue and white icon). There’s a Horz color - that’s the default blue, and a Zen color, if you push the blend button on the preview panel, the Horizon color will blend into the Zenith color.

Not sure about your second question. Try it and see what happens. Blender always knows what it will do. :wink:

Visit Blender Nation repositories for libraries of many different things, including textures and stuff.

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  1. increase the softbody collision distance and/or resolution. see

one of the best ways to keep matirial setting for use in all you work is to create a new blend that is dedicated to just matirials. so when you find a matirial you like append it to the blend by pressing shift F1 finding the blend file with the desired mat and append. make sure you give all the matirials names and then when ever you need a mat for your projects instead of having to recreate it you can just append it from your mat blend.

hope that made sence if not just post back