Noob rigging Help!

I have a model of a Dino that i bought and compared to some rigs i have seen, my Dino rig looks stiff. i have to move each bone in order to make the dino move. on the models i’ve seen like this one here, move in unison and sorta stretch.

how can i get my model to work like that one? and maintain the real looking movement?

You have to discover the magic world of IK and FK. What you did is a basic FK rig, try to get some tutorial or manual in character rigging, you can find a lot of things on youtube even for Blender.

Basically you will set extra bones that you will use as “switches” for the movement. Ask for any other help, but this matter is far too big to explain in one post (and good people had already done it better than me), if then you will have specific questions about something that is not working just ask.

Remember just that there are not wrong rigs, every one takes different choices for the needs of the project so you’ll find many different examples.

Thank you!

I will definitely try to learn character rigging.

Hi Blenderiscool09,

FeelGoodComics put together a blog/website where he has posted a ton of information related to rigging. There are links to various rigs, tutorials, and videos found all over the web. It’s a good place to start looking for information. The link is

Look around and take your time, rigging is a complex subject.

Hope this helps,