NOOB Rigging Question

I"m doing chapters from Blender for Dummies and p.252 tells how to connect an armature to a new sub-mesh (like hair on a human mesh) I have a human mesh posted for use on Blender Cookie (attached) I’m working with and the hair is a separate mesh. I have selected both and used CTRL+P / Armature to no avail…

No matter what I do I can’t get the hair to deform (rotate) with the head. I need to understand this because I have to make clothes for this mesh and I’m sure I’ll have the same problem then as well.



male_rigged.blend (346 KB)

there are a number of ways you can do that.
Personally, I would create an armature modifier for both objects and weight paint both of them.
If you want to use ctrl + p, select the hair mesh, then select the armature, press ctrl + p, then do the same with the body. Make sure to select the armature last. Do not select them all at once.
You could also have the armature in pose mode and parent the objects to a specific bone.

I modified your blend file.
if it works well then here is how I did it :
choose mesh man, then Armature press Ctrl P to make parent, choose automatic weight
then choose only sphere (hair) then Armature , then press Ctrl P also automatic weight, and it works like that blend file.
hope it helped


modified.blend (526 KB)

Thanks, this forum rocks :wink:

(better support that some products we PAY for :wink:

One last thing I noticed in the fixed file, the Ears aren’t moving with the rig. I don’t see them as part of any Vertex Group and the deformers seem to be tied to V-Groups.

How can I tie them to a V-Group. When I select the ears in Object or Edit mode the entire “Man” mesh is selected ?!?!??!?!

THanks Again!