Noob shader question juice

Hi, I just started learning blender and I am running in what probably is noob question, but can not seem to find the answer.

I trying design a glass of orange juice and just can not get the material to look right. I tried different options and most of the time the juice looks like a light brown chocolate milk.

At the moment I am trying the principled BDSF and principled volume option. If I connect the principled volume alone to material output the color looks right. But when I connect the principled BDSF and the Principled volume at the same time it becomes darker and more brown again. Why is this happening? And what can I do about it?

I set the max volume bounces to 12 which seems to help but not enough.

Picture attached to show what I mean.

Problem solved. I used the solution that was given in this thread.

You could also use the “is shadow ray” trick to stop the principled shader casting shadows.

Add a mix shader with principled in one slot and transparent in the other - then use the lightpath node “is shadow ray” output into the fac slot of the mix.

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Thanks for the help Moony :slight_smile: