Noob Smoke - can see outline of cube but can't see Smoke

Hi guys,
I set up a cube and made it a smoke domain.

While the cube was still selected, I created a monkey head.
I hit CTRL N to make normals face outward (while in Edit mode)
Then I made the monkey head a smoke flow

When I play (ALT A) I see a black outline of a cube growing out but can’t see smoke!

Do I need a better Graphics Card?

I have attached my blender file.

Thanks in advance!suzanne_smoke.blend (477 KB)

Could be your pc/gpu, the file works perfectly for me, Suzanne is smoking!

Darn…thats what I was afraid of.
Xeon 2.83GHZ CPU
Nvidia Quadro FX 3700

I guess I’m not good enough… :no: