Noob SVG Font Modelling Questions

I am not totally a noob, but I lack experience and the last time I used Blender was 2015 in a course.

I have this logo and I swear to Loki I searched YouTube, used the google to search the interwebs and forums but no matter what, I can’t get it to work.

(Also, if I add the Subdivision Surface modifier, I break Blender 3.0 & 3.1).

My goal is to make it 3D, smooth sides and slightly smooth edges. Like made of white marble where you grind down the edges.

The basis is SVG file made in and exported from Affinity Designer.

I thought, I could achieve this with the Bevel Modifier, but that does absolutely nothing.
Somehow I know think I am totally on the wrong path and did something basically wrong.

Could someone kindly explain, where my brain is off?


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First as mentioned by @BlenderBob in his great video…at 7.35 in…

Watch the whole thing!!! Great information from Bob!!! and it’s fun to watch!!!


I just watched it.

It seems it’s excactly for what I was looking for.

I will try it out and give feedback.

Stay safe!

I got further, thanks to @BlenderBob and your pointing in the right direction.

As promised, here’s my progress.

Now I need to find out, how to smooth the faces around the curves.
Any tip?

I am really happy, I wanted to return to Blender for so long to achieve this.
Thanks so much!

One should think, before asking questions. Might it have something to do with the count of vertices?
Is the solution counterintuitivly and needs reduced vertices to be able to use a modifier like subdivision surface or smooth? There’s a lot, especially around the sharp tips of the letters.

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RMB - Shade Smooth

The tutorial above is completely useless for you.
As long as you don’t want to twist or bend the logo, you don’t need to convert it to polygons.

Here is an SVG Example exported from Affinity Designer.
logo.blend (123.0 KB)

It looks like the far and near are smooth but just the middle 2 are not?
Just to find out …if it is a mesh object, have you run a shade smooth?

Subdivision surface will only work if you use simple if you use Catmull-Clark it will lead to all sorts of problems. You could have added one while it was still a curve object…but then it adds far more to the clean-up…

There is a fine line between reduced vertices and enough mesh to support using something like subdivision surface…think of a Cube…Using 2 subdivisions gives you a squared sphere!

SGV imported…simple clean up to remove doubles…

That’s wrong.
Lock at my example.

If your SVG is okay, then you don’t have to clean anything.

My bad…I completely forgot about the Round Bevel in the Curves section… Thanks for making me take another look at it !!! Edited my statement :wink:

You are right about a GOOD .svg, only people are constantly using BAD .svg files that are a real mess…Or using a stacked .svg that really causes problems.

You’re right about that, I’ve had my hands on some “Piece of Art” there too. :smiley:

I am confused now. :slight_smile:

Also, how do I now if I have a good .svg?

Here’s a curvy part of my logo.

Could someone tell me, if A) it’s a good .svg and how it would look if one understands how to make it smooth and beveled and how you achieved it?

It’s just a small bit of it. I don’t want you to think, I want to troll you into making all the work, when I really want to understand and really do it myself.


Thanks for all your kindly help so far!