Noob To Ge

I’m new to the ge can someone tell me where there is a GOOD tutorial


here is a good tutorial that teaches you a lot of basic things in the game engine. It’s where I learned first.

EDIT: sorry. wrong one. THIS is it.

hi need help with that tutorial
what does this mean
Add a material to your cone called coneMat.
i do it but it does nothing.(I’ve got 2.48 the GE is a lot different)


If I remember correctly, all that matters is that you add a material to the cone, not so that it can look better, but later on in the tutorial you will use that material to restart the game when you fall off and make contact with the ‘floor’.

I’m have trouble:
here’s theFile

Blendenzo’s tutorial extravaganza: - Tutorials
My Environments tutorial:

This should get you on your feet.

I would recommend checking out all the stickies here on the BGE forums. A lot of research has been done for you, and many tutorials have been vetted and proven worthwhile.

Oh I remember that :slight_smile: I used to show that game to all my friends lol