[Noob Topology questions] Weird shading and (Un)necesary poles ?

Hello ! Sorry to bother you with some noob questions here but I got stuck in 1 modeling issue and 1…unknown mesh issue.

So I when I’m in edit mode, the mesh seems all fine but once I switch back to object mode I get this weird shading between the 2 “difficult topology” parts. Do you know why this happens please ?

Second issue I ran into, is, is it fine to get poles here to connect ? or is it possible to remove the pole ? Does it make sense ?

Thank you very much for our help!

The darker faces probably have reversed normals. This is speculation, of course, because you have not posted a .blend file to look at.

I’ve noticed that the common wisdom about poles is that they’re not a problem on hard surfaces but can affect animation.

Thank you !! Indeed it was the normals… My bad… I’ll take care about that now ^^ thank you very much for your help ! (And i’ll be sure next time to share the .blend as well =))

Regarding your poles:

All I can see in the image are 5-poles, which you shouldn’t be concerned about. Trying to force away all the 5-poles will leave you with worse topology than leaving them be.