noob uv-map-question =)

when i uv-map i find very often a strange problem:
I marked the seam of the object, unwrapped it, put the unwrapped mesh on an image in the uv editor and hit “Texface” in the materials buttons. In Object mode with drawtype textured “on”, i see the object textured exactly as i wanted. but when rendering the object has no tex anymore (rather like standard gray material). what can it be? I had this problem several times now - and its not that i forgot the “texface” button.

any help is welcome!

check if you’ve a texture slot with your material?!
If not add a “none” one.
It should work, now…I hope!

thank you OTO,
just tried again (without adding a “none” texture") and it worked - i dont understand that…
any other ideas?

I not quit sure if I understand you correctly, but if it is wath I think… here it goes:
After you unwrap the model, in the UVmap window you add an image and it shows up in the 3d view model correctely, right!?
Now that is only the first half of the Job, for the same image apear during render you have to load it also in the material buttons (the red sphere). To do so procede this way:
1-Select your object;
2- In the material buttons add a new material;
3- Go to the texture buttons (next to the red sphere) and press Add New -> image -> Load-> Select your image;
4-Return to the material bottons and in the Map Input Panel press UV;
If you render the image it should appear correctly now.
Hope it helps, if this is uselless just ignore it :stuck_out_tongue: