Noob w/ texture & material questions, please help!

Hi i am a bit of a noob at blender but i am trying to teach myself how to use it. Right now I am working on a helmet looking thing and would like to put multiple colors and textures on it. My question’s are:

  1. How do i add more than 1 color? i try clicking “Add new material” but then when i select the vertices i want to change and then modify the color, the entire model changes.

  2. I have made a visor for the helmet and would like to add a semi-translucent feel to it, any tips/tutorials on accomplishing this?

  3. For the remainder of the helmet i wanted to add a dirty or “used” feel to it as a final touch, any tips/tutorials on accomplishing this?

Any help is greatly appreciated and i thank you for your time!


A simple example - the lowly cube.

  1. Add a cube
  2. In object mode, in the Links and material panel, click on “New” (the one on the right)
  3. You now have one material index for the entire object
  4. Click on “New” again
  5. You now have 2 material index, but the second is not used by any faces
  6. In edit mode, select 1 or 2 faces, and with the second material index active, click on assign.
    See pics below, and here for more info.

Best of Luck!

EDIT - After you have created the basic materials, and assigned faces, you will need to tweak all the properties of the material to get the effects you are looking for. For dirt, you can add a texture to the material - see here.
For transparency, lower the alpha - see here (look at the material settings for glass)


Thank you very very much.