noob wants to record keyframes while game is playing

Hi All,

Attached is a blend for a game. The game is simple- it’s just flying the camera around. I would like to be able to record keyframes as the game is played, so that I can play back the motion of the camera. However, when I try to record keyframes and launch the game, the playhead on the timeline freezes. I have seen the tutorial for recording physics keyframes…here is what I do:

  1. start animation on timeline or graph editor (alt A)
  2. start game §
  3. playhead on timeline or graph editor freezes in place, until I stop game (esc)
    …is it possible to record keyframes of an object as a game is played? Why does the playhead on the timeline freeze in place when I start the game? Any help or explanation would be deeply appreciated!!!

keyframemyCameraLook.blend (975 KB)

Forgot to mention- yes, I have selected ‘record animation’ in the Game menu.

You’re not supposed to start the animation to get it to work. Simply hitting ‘P’ should record it starting at frame 1 (or 0 i don’t know).

yes, I’ve tried it both ways- but still no generating or recording of keyframes. Do I need to enable any specific property of an object to have it generate keyframes automatically?

Maybe you need an action actuator on te object?(never tried it)

Noap, that doesn’t work either- good suggestion, though, Tora-san! I added an Action actuator to the camera (that’s the object whose keyframes I want to record) but the same still occurs- when I start the game no keyframes are recorded, regardless of whether or not I start the timeline rolling.

attached is an updated blend file (with the actuator i spoke about above)


keyframemyCameraLook.blend (976 KB)

It only records physics dynamics. I’m not aware that it keyframes anything beyond velocity changes. You’d be better of writing a script to do this.

Okay awesome! Any tips on that? How can I query the camera’s instantaneous x/y/z value in Python?