noobatubie project

hey guys I just finished this model but would still like to improve. I know I need to fix some of the issues in the face so it would look more like a teletubie but I tired to make it more meanner. I want to make him look meaner because I am going to use it for a movie that involse guns. My name is (-=BwP=- NOobatubie) in counter strike and I wanted to do some funny things with the character. so if you could give me some crits and Ill improve. Do any of you guys have good tuts on rigging I wants some more info before I begine to rig him. here are the pics…I think I mess up on the face to manny verticise I don’t know thanks in advance :smiley:

great job so far, on the body it looks like theres to many faces under the eyes.

yea I think so to but this is my first completed character so I am still learning here is a pic with the subserf turned off.

woah, thats about 10x as many verts as you should really need.

try and optimize the mesh a bit more, you dont need that much.

i could scale the face in a bit, looks a little wide.

yea I though I had to many they just seemed to want to congest right there between the eyes and cheeks Ill see what I can do

the face does seem a little wide I looked at my ref pics and the faces are rounder Ill fix that to.

well guys I made the adjustment sorta succesfully but Ill just post the old and new and see what you guys think probablly I wont make any more adjustments to the face I want to get to the rigging. :stuck_out_tongue:
opps the one on the left is new one on right is old. :slight_smile: