Noobie: how to render frame only

Hi there,
I am new (and alien) to Blender and the language of 3D modelling so i beg your patience.
I am modelling some toys and i have to make (or should for better results) 3D modelling of them. Now, I would like to render ONLY the frame of the shapes without using any fill/material etc. on them (is “frame” the proper word here?)
How is it possible to do it?

Thanx a lot.

You want to render the WIRE frames :slight_smile:

In the F5 materials panels, under the Links and Pipeline panel, there’s the “Wire” button. Click on that to turn your mesh into a wireframe mode when you render.

click the button by the buttons to change to face select or edge select, the one that looks like mountains…trust me, just have the image on the view mode you want like solid or wireframe. This is different from the other persons way