Noobie Tank Project

My basic rigid body tank…

I decided I’d start modelling a better tank. I’m still not very good at modelling and I don’t know where to start with the main tank body, so I tried to design some wheels and tracks…

These wheels replace the plain cylinders I’m currently using for the rigid body. I still have to replace the tracks.


A few more images…


The gear add-on is useful for making the sprocketed wheels that turn the tracks. I just placed one in here and adjusted it to fit the tracks I designed.


I’ll post more as things progress.

Love the Tank and the animation, great start :eyebrowlift: and also the images on your last post are not visible…

You did a great job. The animation look very good.

Thanks for the compliments. This is my second ongoing Blender project. I want to record my progress in learning this program so I thought I’d post what I’ve done so far, and we’ll see how things improve over time.

Here’s the basic hydraulics for the wheels. The design will probably change later on, but for now I want to get something in place so I can add rigging for them and test it out.


Here’s the shock system all rigged up using damped tracking constraints. I still have to parent them to the tank and run a simulation before I can really test them.


The animation across the rough terrain is awesome. I like it very much. And I wonder how in the world you did that? Is that all a physics simulation?

Thanks, minoribus! Yes it’s all rigid body physics. Cool, huh? I found a tutorial that showed how to build the tank and just followed every step. I learned quite a bit in the process. \

If I had a faster computer I’d be doing a lot more animating. I just tried switching the simple cube tracks for high-poly ones and it got way slower.

The tutorial DCBloodHound linked to is the same one I used.

The hydraulics are now installed, rigged up and working properly.

I still have to put in a wheel housing, since the wheels are only attached to the hydraulics at the moment.

I was thinking of putting moving springs on the pistons, but that might be overkill since they won’t be seen much and the CPU overhead for 12 of them would probably be too high.