Noobs Complications

I am a noob in Blender , i am working with this for 2-3 weeks not continuously , but still i and not aware with so many of blender simple options , that you guys done very fast .

  1. My first problem is toolbar .
    i want to export my animations to Unity but i couldn’t able see my toolbar here .
    I exported this first time on unity in .fbx format but…(it’s my 3rd problem)
    but here is another that i got …

  2. Have you checked my first problem image . By mistaken i just remove the center image to get tool bar but , timeline covers the space and my model working area now it’s now re-sizing . Means when i drag my mouse pointer to that bar where pointer changes to up,down shape to re-size the window , but when i click and drag pointer to make my working area bigger and timeline smaller than nothing works , the are does not moving just split in more and join .

  3. When i export my model to unity .fbx ,1st it was exported successfully but now only some body parts are in assest store and not dropped in my unity working are, if i drop ,than again that small cube problem after re-sizing 0.1 to 1 nothing works and now it’s not exporting full model .

– I can’t understand and not able to handle this can anyone please post all the solutions of my problems .

Maybe someone at the irc channel has some knowledge and experience with exporting blender models to unity, have you tried to find someone there?

Not but thanks for telling me , but what about the other two problems ?

No but thanks for telling me , But what about other two problems ?