Nooooooooo!!! GSoC BGE Node Logic is Gone?!

From this weeks Weekly Blender Institute Meeting minutes:

“3) GSoC - Most of the students made cool midterm videos, Ton will collect and post article. - Midterm passed: one drop out (fluids), one didn’t make it (game logic), 15 continued.”

Dammit! The was “The One” I really wanted. Grrrrrrrrrr!

Me too… It’s really sad… By now already 2 guys tried to implement it and didn’t managed(for various reasons, i’m not criticizing them), i’m really starting to think that it is a too complex system to have in blender… The GSoC guy seamed the perfect person to implement it(due to his studies and because it would have been his master thesis), but neither he managed… I’m really curious about what happened, and if google doesn’t support the project any more, but the guy will continue coding for it or no…

Sven von Brand… Fri Jul 15 20:32:14 CEST 2011
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> == This week: ==
> A more finished Language Design Document was uploaded, it has more
> graphs and many improvements, it elaborates upon the proof of concepts
> done last week.
> I have been studying a lot of CPython, as it is essential to the
> project to have a good handle of the technology and I didn’t have
> previous knowledge of python C or C++ binding. I originally planed to
> expand on Benoit’s previous work, but it proved to be too difficult
> without a solid base of knowledge as the previous work is not in a
> running stage yet to be able to see the code running. I worked on some
> functionalities, but scratched the work to change to an iterative
> prototype approach for the project, planning to use what I learned
> during the week to do a standalone prototype that allows the base
> functionalities of the language to run (without a graphical interface,
> but with the elements correctly represented).
> == Next week: ==
> It is unclear, the plan would be to start prototyping the proposed
> Language Design and changing the design upon testing the prototype’s
> functionality.

Oh no, has it really stopped?

I just read on the mailing list that he will continue working on it, but in a different way

Oh thank God

I almost needed resuscitation.

^^ I broke my defibrillator ^^


This is really the most work flow changing GSoC project related to bge (not that the other aren’t cool, but i really expect a lot from this one), and maybe the most in whole blender GSoC projects(maybe after camera tracking one)

Thank goodness! Now I’m curious (with a touch of trepidation)… I wonder what “different way” he’ll be working on it? I wonder if there are any ways we, in the community can help…