Normal baking giving errors

Hello, Blender Community,
I’m trying to bake the normals from a high poly gun onto a low poly one, but it’s always giving me weird results. I’ve tried increasing the distance or the bias in the bake settings, setting the objects to smooth, but non of them change the results.I’ve been trying to solve this for two days. Any help will be appreciated

Here are the settings i’ve been using(with different distance settings)

And here is the low poly

I would post everything in the main post, but i can only put one URL per post.

And now, finally, the high poly one.

Sometimes, I have the same issue. I am curious as to why myself.

Check scaling, check that your high and low poly models match, play a bit with bias and distance setting (start by changing bias to 0.5 and then 0.2 and so on, test it a bit to see how it affects) and finally, attach your blend so we can take a look at your whole thing.

By looking at your highpoly model it needs a bit work, use subsurf modifier and then add new edge loops so the shape is approximately same as what you are trying to achieve, then model low poly to match the hi poly one.

I recommend to model all separate parts as separate meshes. It’s much easier to bake all the detail that way and you get much more control without needing to add hard to maintain edge loops to high poly mesh to make some details.

Use edge split modifier on your lowpoly model, that is MUST if you want to make your normal map look good.

I recommend to use shrinkwrap modifier on the lowpoly model when you have the basic shape as good as you can get.

Here is picture of one of my hi poly models, I’m not saying that this is best example but for me it worked.

and picture of low poly model.

Picture of separate objects in high poly

and same but low poly

Picture of baked normal map.

Same normal map after a bit of post processing

Picture of lowpoly model with normal map on

And with all other maps on

Well, i’ve tried changing the distance and bias settings, reunwrapping the model and i got no changes. So after all, here’s the .blend file . Hope someone can get it working. :slight_smile:

Dents and bumps bake better when beveled. If you extrude some verts inward to make a small cavity or groove also scale the extruded faces smaller so it has a little bevel/angle to the inside edge. Hope that helps.