Normal/Bump mapping problems

Hey I’ve searched everywhere for a solution to my problems with no result so I have turned here as a last resort. I hope you will be able to help me find the answers.

I have been following a texturing tutorial and have had quite a lot of success. Got everything UV mapped and I have been able to paint solid colours onto my model using the diffuse layer.

My problem that I have now is with creating bump maps.

I create a new paint slot selecting the Normals, I make sure the image is the size of my UV’s (2048, 2048) I set all colours to 0.5 for a medium grey and leave alpha at 1.

Now, after I click ok, my experience differs from what happens in the tutorial. In the tutorial the UV image changes while the models texture remains the same. What happens for me is that the UV image changes and the whole model goes gray only changing back to the textures when I select the diffuse texture paint slot.

The tutorial continues by selecting a ‘Normals’ brush. I don’t have that brush, the only ones I have are Clone, Fill, smudge, smooth, and textureDraw. Selecting black or white and drawing on the normals paint slot just gives me black or white and not bumps or dents.

I feel like I havnt selected something or I’m missing something but I have followed the tutorial quite closely and the tutorial itself isn’t that old.

Heres a link to the tutorial if it will help

Are you in glsl(key N and shading) and texture mode?.