Normal Map Baking Crashes

Hey everyone,

So I am using Blender 2.82 and I am trying to bake the details of a high poly model (around 17 million triangles) to a low poly model (about 70 thousand triangles) with a normal map and it just makes the image purple, stays at 0% progress, then everything just crashes and my screen just goes black for a second.

Baking works fine on smaller models, but is there any way I can get this to work with a more high poly model?

PC Specs:
Intel I7 9700k
RTX 2060
8gb ram

Thanks in advance

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I’m still a newbie but I’ve had this problem before baking. I solved it by trying another version of Blender and slightly changing some settings to avoid the crash. You could also still use 2.82 but change one or more of your settings ever so slightly like the ray distance or something else that won’t affect the look and get it to work.

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Didn’t work out. Although I now got a message, it ran out of memory. I know 8gb is low, I am planning to get more, but is where anyway to tell Blender “divide” up the workload so it uses less memory?

Did you try to bake on the RTX?

Changing Tile size to the size of your image texture, and setting render samples to 16 makes a HUGE difference.

Also, try decimating your high poly. You could halve the polycount without losing detail.

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