Normal map baking to non-smoothed UVs.

I need to bake the normal maps of a character which uses “smoothed” UVs (SubSurf UV option in the SubSurf modifier), to the same UV map but “Not Smoothed”.

What I’m doing is:

  • I duplicate the character.
  • disable the “SubSurf UV” option in the SubSurf modifier of the copy.
  • bake the normals from the first one to the copy.

It works pretty well, but in some small areas it’s not.

Is there any way to do this better?
For instance having in the same object two copies of the same UV (one smoothed and the other not smoothed) and bake from the smoothed UV to the non-smoothed UV.
would it be possible to have smoothed and non-smoothed UVs in the same object?

Thanks in advance…