Normal Map baking with floating geometry error

Hi, I am just testing out baking some normal maps but I am running into some problems.

This is my projected view.

I have three objects. One plane that I have UV unwrapped and that I want to bake my normal map on, one mesh with a large hole that is a floating geometry and I have some small holes that is also floating geometry.

BUT, this is how my normal map turns out, I believe this has something to do with tangent space but I have tried baking the texture from tangent, object, world, camera, you name it.

The error is also appearing if I try to bake an AO map.

The small holes are also not appearing but they are when I crank up the distance and bias settings but I still can’t get the ugly “half tangent-bake” to disappear.

What am I doing wrong?

Looks like you might have some inverted normals. Are you using 2.4x or 2.5?

I am using 2.5

I shouldn’t have any inverted normals. Just to be sure I recalculated them on all meshes and I don’t have anything showing up when I pan around the scene.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Select show normals as just recalculating them sometimes doesnt work (you wont be able to tell just by looking at the mesh), also check for internal faces in your mesh. You have something definitely wrong with your map, it should generally be blue not green/yellow.

With the small holes, a steep angle doesn’t allow the normal map to see much. Make the centre of the hole smaller. Normal maps work on angles not depth.